Home Office Work Coordinator

Your Partner in the digital office

Office structures change due to factors that we cannot influence ourselves.

Change your office structure so that you are always one step ahead of these factors – through smart digital integration

The world opens again after Corona.

Nevertheless, this pandemic will bring about a lasting shift towards the home office option.

This has consequences for global networks and local office structures in terms of collaboration, communication and leadership. Flexibility and robustness through digitization are becoming even more important.

Virtual conferences and online meetings have become a daily tool in many companies. However, much more is required for spatially distributed work in virtualized environments in the back office area to become standard.
Especially at the level of clerks, technical experts, etc., structured activities that are normally organized in open-plan offices or environments within walking distance have to be rethought for the mixed (home) office world.

        Our Home Office Work Coordinator brings an effortless digitization boost for mixed home office worlds


In the post-Corona period, the next manager who approves topics sits, the next employee who takes over documents and perhaps enriches them in your company, often not in the office next door. Thanks to flexible and at the same time robust digitized structures, nobody should be dependent on documents being sent to the nearest office in an uncontrolled manner by e-mail or information, perhaps even on slips of paper. Process organization via coffee kitchen included. Our home office work coordinators bring an effortless digitization boost for mixed home office worlds. With them, information, documents, work items and accompanying knowledge are controlled and checked via your central SAP system and passed through your company With our solution, they are automatically coordinated and managed centrally. Every employee and every manager knows who has to do what and when.

You and your employees use the functionalities of SAP Workflow effortlessly without having to understand, attack or configure this technology.

At the same time, our d*BIC gives you instant evaluations and reports on all activities handled in this way.

Get started right away, from 299 euros per month.

You only pay when our solution is used.